Aquarium Service and Maintenance

Overview of Aquarium Services

Orange County Reef Care Aquarium Services include a wide range of Aquarium services for both residential and commercial spaces. We strive to meet all of your aquarium service needs from the initial aquarium design and installation to regular maintenance and cleaning. We also offer emergency overhaul aquarium services when needed. Our company specializes in aquarium leasing, please call us for details. OC Reef care offers a wide variety of aquarium services, including fish tank maintenance, aquarium setup, aquarium cleaning, aquarium leasing, reef tank care, coral care along with offering aquarium rental for doctors offices, dentist offices, waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants, etc.

Aquarium Service

  • Aquarium Design
  • Aquarium Setup
  • Aquarium Installation
  • Aquarium Leasing
  • Aquarium Maintenance Service (cleaning, water changes, water testing)


To best serve our clients, we’ve created the following policies:

  • Free estimates and consultations on system design, construction and installation, and maintenance
  • 24 hour emergency availability
  • One month unconditional livestock guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty on aquariums and cabinets
  • No delivery charge for livestock, pumps, lighting, food, etc.
  • Fully insured and bonded


Below is a list of tasks performed, but not limited to:

  • 10%-20% water change and vacuum (reef systems only)
  • 10%-50% water change and vacuum (fish-only systems)
  • Replace/clean decorations
  • Scrub algae on glass
  • Clean outside glass (tops included)
  • Replace/clean filters
  • Clean/Service protein skimmers
  • Service refugiums – trim Caulerpa
  • Clean sump area
  • Clean strainers
  • Replace overflow filters
  • Replace filter bags
  • Tune-up (ensure pumps are working properly)
  • Polish aquarium cabinetry
  • Fish health assessment
  • Water testing (Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, Phosphates, Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, PH, Silicates, Salinity, etc…)
  • Add trace elements, carbon and conditioners
  • Deliver livestock/fish food as needed
  • Fish/Coral feeding



Saltwater and Freshwater Fish-Only

10% water change using ocean water and RO/DI freshwater10%- 20% water change and vacuum gravel
Fill sump with RO/DI water at desired levelRotate decorative corals
Scrub algae off of inner aquarium walls using magnet and hand scrubbersScrub algae in glass, including gravel line
Scrub algae from sand gravel line and belowClean outside glass (tops included)
Change filter bagsReplace/clean filters, including protein skimmer, Fluval canister, Ocean Clear micron, UV bulbs, halide and fluorescent bulbs, etc.
Add supplementsTune-up (ensure pumps, lighting, etc. are working properly)
Clean Protein SkimmerClean sump area
Clean outside glass (tops included)Fish health assessment
Tune-up (ensure pumps, lighting, etc. are working properly)Water testing (calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, phosphate, PH, ammonia, nitrite, salinity, etc.
Clean sump areaAdd trace elements, carbon and conditioners
Fish health assessmentDeliver livestock/fish food as needed
Water testing (calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, phosphate, PH, ammonia, nitrite, salinity, etc.
Deliver livestock/fish food as needed

Services per customer are customized and none of the above may or may not apply to each individual customer. Above only is a sample of services that may be offered.

Contact us for a customized Aquarium Service plan.

FAQ about Aquarium Maintenance

What is a refugium?

Information on what a refugium is can be found here

Tropical Fish Magazine article on Refugiums

What is RO/DI water?

Reverse Osmosis and Deionization explained in this article:

RO and DI Water explained






Hired them to move a tank. was very nervous about the move. turned out the people who installed the tank previously did a piss poor job. after all livestock was taken out and water drained, found that the tank couldn’t be removed from the stand. i’d expect most movers to walk away at this point, but they stuck it out and eventually found a way to move everything. took 6 hours, but they stuck it out. not only did they finish the move, they fixed the problem and my tank actually is healthier now than it was before. not a single livestock loss (even notoriously poor transporters like my shrimp and wrasses). highly recommended.