Orange County Reef Care Owner

Alfonso Ramirez


Alfonso Ramirez has dedicated his life to taking care of those that cannot help themselves at a facility that cares for the mentally and physically disabled.   At the same time, he pursued his love for reef aquaria and found the tremendous benefit they had on the patients.   He filled the facility, Fairview State Hospital,  with aquariums and his patients were able to entertain their minds by watching the beautiful living pieces of artwork.   He has been filling medical facilities and offices from that point on with beautiful saltwater reef aquariums thru their aquarium leasing program.    Alfonso has set up many waiting rooms, restaurants and homes with aquariums.

Alfonso is well known in the saltwater reef community with over 15 years experience in saltwater and saltwater reef care.  Whether you are looking for a saltwater tank that is low maintenance, or an elaborate reef tank, you can rest assured that Alfonso will set you up with a system that works and a tank you will love.

Alfonso specializes in reasonable aquarium setups with ease of maintenance; designed to make your reef flourish and look like a show piece.

If you would like an aquarium in your office, be sure to contact OC Reef Care about our aquarium leasing program.